When you first login, the Google Analytics summary is at the bottom of the Dashboard page.  There is also a QuickPress form at top right, if you need to put out a quick post.

The site is pretty easy to edit. There are basically two kinds of documents: pages and posts.  Pages are for longer-life, more static, content.  Posts are the essence of a blog — news items (in the usual time scope of news for the site).

Choosing Edit from either the Posts or Pages dropdown menus will display the list of such items you can edit.  When you fly-over each item’s title (with the mouse), you can choose Edit or Quick Edit.  Quick Edit is only for the item’s attributes — categorization, placement and status.

In the item Edit view, you can usually stay in the visual tab (top right of the document being added / edited).  The html tab is for exercising finer control over placement or styling than the ordinary what-you-see-is-what-you-get document controls.  When you’re finished with the new item, hit the Publish button (or Update button if making changes to an already existent item).

Feel encouraged to add your own tips here — they’re for you.

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