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An Introduction

Everyone has doubts sometimes…At one time or another almost everyone has had doubts about their marriage. For the millions caught in unhappy marriages, troubled by feelings of emptiness, sadness, anger, and fear, the question echos: “Should I divorce?” You may be passing through a difficult time with your spouse, and you have fears whether your marriage can continue to work, or even survive. In our current tough economic times stresses on families are greater than ever and marital problems are even more common. People aren’t just suffering from financial problems, all stresses have increased in these recessionary times, for example arguments over parenting, alcohol and drug use, and relationships with extended family, to name only a few. We recommend that couples should not settle for a seriously damaged marriage, and just plod along. It’s bad for everyone, for spouses and their children as well.
Assess your marital problems…If your marriage troubles you, we encourage you to assess your marital problems, and to explore whether it is possible to repair it. The book includes several approaches to doing this:

  • a Marriage Bill of Rights
  • a 100 question marriage test
  • the 9 areas that all couples need to work out agreements in, and
  • a 10 step process to help you figure out whether your marriage has hope, or to help you think about how to end it in the best way for everyone.

We explore how the lives of people who stay in chronically unhappy marriages compare with those who split up. Filled with poignant case studies, cutting-edge research, this unique guide dispels the myths about divorce.

Lawrence Birnbach, Ph.D & Beverly Hyman, Ph.D.

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