Will Sandra Bullock Divorce Her Cheating Hubby? Don’t Bet On It

Kiri Blakeley, 03.26.10, 02:00 PM EDT


Sandra Bullock is beautiful, smart, rich, talented and seems like a genuinely good person. It’s certainly baffling then that she’s been cheated on, especially since one of her husband Jesse James’ supposed–and most notorious–mistresses, Michelle McGee, is worlds away from the class act that is Bullock, who was raising James’ three children as her own. McGee, a tattoo model who has inked virtually every square inch of skin, even artfully posed for a photographer while licking a dagger and sporting a Nazi swastika armband.

James’ wife is, of course, a newly minted Oscar winner who, in an ironic twist of timing worthy of a well-written movie script, had been tearfully gushing about her supportive hubby at awards ceremonies for weeks leading up to the discovery of the betrayal.

TMZ and RadarOnline, among others in the peepshow media, are even reporting that James may be catching up to Tiger Woods in the quantity of affairs department, as a fourth alleged mistress crawls out of the chrome-cluttered recesses of James’ motorcycle body shop, which he seemed to use as much to tune up young biker models as to work on choppers.

The public, naturally, is behind Team Sandra.

“If you want to reconcile, Jesse, start by keeping your d*** in your pants! The same goes for Tiger and the rest of the infidels too!” is a typical public reaction, this one a post from Adrienne Smith on

“Sandra deserves so much better. Kick that arsehole to the kerb,” says Plixxx on Perez Hilton.

originally published at, Mar 26, 2010: Will Sandra Bullock Divorce Her Cheating Hubby? Don’t Bet On It

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