Thinking about Divorce?

Should stay or should I divorce?  For the millions of couples trapped in unhappy marriages this is the question that haunts them.  Consumed by sadness, anger, and fear, they struggle to determine if their relationship is worth keeping or if it has hit the breaking point.

Authors of the book, “How To Know If It Is Time To Go”(March 2010) identify what they call “zombie marriages”(Sterling Publishing).  Dr. Lawrence Birnbach and Dr. Beverley Hyman are both psychologists, marital experts and a husband and wife writing team.  They have established a 10-step reality test for your marriage and point out that sometimes divorce is healthier than staying in an unhappy marriage.  A happy, long term marriage may simply not be possible in some cases.  “How To Know If It Is Time To Go” discusses the lives of people who stay in chronically unhappy marriages compared to those who decide to split. It provides readers with a unique Marriage Bill of Rights and a 100 Question Marriage Test to determine if its “time to go”.  They dispel the myth about divorce and enable readers to recognize if there’s still hope or if they’re better off apart. is a website aimed at ‘keeping’ couples together. Another husband and wife team,  Jeff Ullman  and his wife Cindy Ullman, launched the website after aggressively working on it for the three years.  They wanted to deliver something entirely new to the couples’ space: the Internet’s first-ever, all-inclusive relationship empowerment destination and couples lifestyle concierge.

In the 80s and 90s, Jeff Ullman was profiled on Oprah, 48 Hours, CNN, Newsweek, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, Entrepreneur and countless other outlets as the most prominent matchmaker of his time.  He founded what became the world’s first and largest international video-dating service, Great Expectations, the dominant dating brand of the late 20th Century and predecessor to the many popular Internet dating services of today.

As the holiday season delivers a cornucopia of relationship challenges, debuts to educate, empower and provide couples with unparalleled access to the long-overdue tools and services necessary to breathe new life back into their partnership, re-routing them on the pathway to ‘happier ever after’. Delivering the first-ever multi-platform ‘Freemium Membership’ website catering to the virtually-untapped couples market, provides unrivaled access to over 1,000 hours of custom-produced relationship videos from the most sought-after experts on the planet; the world’s largest customized list of fun things for couples to do in their own hometown; discounted access to local lifestyle enhancements; and so much more. Each membership, offered at reduced rates for the holiday season and allowing both parties to mutually exercise and enjoy the benefits of the site, is available at three levels: Happy (free); Happier ($19.95/month); and Ecstatic ($99.95/year).

Co-founder and partner,  Cindy Ullman understands the highs and lows involved in any long term marriage. “Throughout our 16-year relationship, Jeff and I have experienced many of the roller coaster highs and lows that couples face. Raising six children, and having suffered through financial setbacks and the loss of loved ones, we’ve been through all of the major stressors that countless couples deal with.  But we understand that true happiness starts with a commitment to each other that can be sustained through ongoing daily devotion, calendaring quality time together, and by doing the little things that matter to one another and that make all the difference. was born from our needs as a couple, our personal and professional observations of relationship hazards, and our own desire to find a socially responsible way to help other couples achieve happier lives together.”

To meet the needs of today’s ‘instant gratification’ appetites, presents powerful, customized, personalized and instantaneous relationship insights and solutions, allowing couples to holistically reinvigorate their partnership.

* Get immediate expert answers: Ask questions and receive immediate expert responses in a fraction of the time, cost and energy it would take you to obtain conventional methods.

* Energize your social life: Collects and remembers each spouse’s entertainment, dining and travel favorites, minimizing the effort involved in “remembering how to” have fun. Your husband can easily review and select your favorites with confidence that your date will be heartily-enjoyed and treasured.

* Have more free time together: Locates childcare for an evening out with your wife; pet, plant or house care for spur-of-the moment weekends; errand runners, etc.; while advanced search methods and mobile apps reduce stress.

* Remember all important occasions and make little moments special: The Couples Calendar, Personal Reminders and Gift Concierge coordinate family, personal and business responsibilities via text message alerts so you avoid problems, know exactly which presents will thrill your spouse and know when/where your presence is needed.

* Save money: Discount Privileges can easily save you and yours $100s a month in everyday expenditures at major retailers the likes of Macy’s, Starbucks, Neiman Marcus, Banana Republic, Radio Shack and many others.

* Get your money back if you do not find happiness: The 100% Happiness Guarantee ensures your relationship bliss after one year and one day, or you get a full, cash reimbursement.

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